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Refreshing Décor For Your Apartment This Spring & Summer

Refreshing Décor For Your Apartment This Spring & Summer

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Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe is a well-established pet-friendly living space; that offers amenities that make it easy to decorate and prepare for spring and summer. It provides ample storage with spacious kitchen pantries, a two-car garage, and 9-foot ceilings downstairs. This article offers detailed tips on winter storage and decorations for a smooth transition into spring and summer.

Getting Ready For Summer

Spring is knocking, which means; it's time to prepare for a new look with top-notch summer apartment decorations. Below are tips on storing winter items and decorations for a smooth transition into the new season.

Storing Winter Items

Before getting into how to decorate your apartment for spring and summer, it's essential to pack away all the winter items you will not be used to save space. Below are tips on how to pack away different types of winter items:

Accessories & Shoes

Shoes and accessories are best stored in the over-the-door shoe organizer. You can also store items like gloves and hats; If you don't have access to an over-the-door organizer. Smaller plastic bins will do.

Coats and Sweaters

To keep your coats clean and ready for next winter, you can hang them in the front entrance closet if you have one. Do not forget to cover them with a garment bag to protect the coats from dust. Additionally, sweaters should get neatly folded and stacked in the top wardrobe space.

Decoration for A Smooth Transition

Transitions are a matter of knowing what to update and how, including live plants, adding new colors, and adding lighter bedding. These are tips for a smooth decor transition.

Introduce Live Plants To Your Place

As much some plants are evergreen, which might always exist in your apartment, including winter flowers and wraths. Spring and summer allow you to explore more and add more green to your home.

Add a Splash of New Colors

Brighten up your space with new colors; which were not present in your apartment during winter. Change your colors from moody tones into light and bright colors and fabrics.

Get New Bedding

The bedroom is the perfect place to start your spring and summer journey. Swap winter bedding with lighter duvets, and add a bit of linen to your life.

Perfect Place for Apartment Trends

Transitioning to a new season may be challenging, but following these tips will ensure you keep to current apartment trends. Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe apartments are suited to decorate following apartment 101 tips above.

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