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DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving

DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving

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Holidays provide a time for family and friends to gather in their Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe Apartment. Whether it's prepping for sit-down meals or decorating your interior to match the fall season, our Reno, NV homes provide the comfort needed to transition from one holiday to another. To avoid celebration fatigue and keep your sanity, here are our DIY fall apartment living decor suggestions to make the holiday season a time to cherish and enjoy. Here are ways everyone can chip in so you're not left carrying the festive burden alone.

Why DIY?

The unparalleled luxury of the interior decor at Aspen Vista requires some unique touches to add charm and sophistication to the holidays. So get out out the glue gun and gather everyone around to make these one-of-a-kind DIY Halloween decorations that transition into Thanksgiving.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

Pumpkins and gourds in a natural shade of white or sprayed white can be used for Halloween with glued-on eyes and mouths for the easiest jack-o'-lanterns. These can be removed and touched up with, ideally with gold or copper spray paint for the shift towards Thanksgiving. For an added touch, attach a ribbon in black or gold.

A sentiment board purchased from Dollar Tree on Stead Blvd can have Halloween-inspired messages written on it, and with a duster and some water, can have inspirational, warm, and fuzzy Thanksgiving sentiments ornately written on it.

Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece early on with fall elements such as white pumpkins and gourds, turkey decor pieces, and fall foliage.

Halloween to Thanksgiving With Minimal Effort

If you enlist the help of family and friends, these two holidays only weeks apart will become the best time of year. You'll embrace the holiday season with gusto and eagerness with all the help you have. 

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