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Prepping for Fall 2021 Apartment Decor At Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe

Prepping for Fall 2021 Apartment Decor At Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe

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With Fall approaching, it's hard to imagine 2021 is nearing an end. To help celebrate the last three months of the year and welcome the cooler weather and falling leaves, here are some trending decor tips to instantly introduce into your apartment living at Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe apartment.

Our Favorite Fall '21 Trends

Implement the following trending fall decor tips for 2021, all practical and aesthetically pleasing interior decorations that will warm your home.

Try adding various colors, unique artifacts, indoor plants, and textures, including velvet, leather, wood, alpaca wool, and linen to spruce up your apartment. Layering these elements on top of one another will easily lift a room or an entire apartment with cozy details. 

How to Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Indoor Plants and Flowers

An easy way to add a pop of color this fall to your Aspen Vista at Anchor Pointe apartment is by bringing in some Reno native colorful plants and flowers to your home such as Purple Sage, Lewis Blue Flax, Apricot Mallow, and Stanleya Pinnata. Be sure to pay homage to the Reno native plants in areas such as Mayors Park and Sierra Nevada Zoological Park.


Another way of adding color can be through textures, incorporating a sensory exhibition into your interior decor. This can be through rugs and blankets that represent the colors of the falling leaves in textures different from what is already exists in the home. Adding beeswax candles and cinnamon sticks complement the outside elements and are all sold at Pottery Barn.

Fall Decor 2021

With these simple tips, you can easily lift your apartment living decor. Stay true to the local area of Reno through the native plants and flowers by adding a pop of color. Also, add textures and layers that complement and play against the typical Fall decor, and your apartment will be ready for this cozy season.

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